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Alien: Isolation brings back Ripley and the original cast with preorder DLC

Most of the original cast of 1979’s Alien have reunited to voice their roles in two missions Alien: Isolation is offering as a pre-order DLC incentive.

Sigourney Weaver returns as Ellen Ripley, who will be playable in two missions set in the events of the original film. Tom Skerritt also voices Dallas and Yaphet Kotto returns as Parker, and both of these characters also will be playable in the module, called “Crew Expendable.” The different characters will have a different perspective in the events, and carry a different loadout.

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Who Said It: Del Close or General George Patton?

Round one: “The leader must be an actor.”

Find out if you guessed it right with UCB’s field team UCB1, reporting from ‪#‎DCM16‬!

UCB1, we have lift off!


It’s That Episode - Drunken ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Finale with Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher (UCB Theatre) drops by to get drunk on George R.R. Martinis while watching the season four finale of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Matt and Craig discuss every twist and turn in the epic finale and touch on everything from Tywin Lannister’s feces to Hodor’s DJ career. Please send us Baha Men liner notes for $40. **SPOILER ALERT YA’LL**

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This was great fun! And it’s the most perceptive, in-depth Game Of Thrones analysis that you’ll ever get from two drunk guys who exclusively refer to Mance Rayder as Mace Windu.

Updated the ol’ Gadsden Flag.

Updated the ol’ Gadsden Flag.



This is a pretty amazing philosophical statement.