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Watch zolfatron get herself invited to strangers’ weddings in the newest report from UCB 1 News!

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UCB1’s Weather Team - Sue Smith and Boris Khaykin - braves butterflies and hacky sacks to report from the front lines of BEAUTIFUL WEATHER HECTOR.

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Backwards televangelists listening to Stairway to Heaven forwards




"Flashpoint" is a pretty good movie, has a fairly good Tangerine Dream soundtrack, but then has an Oscar quality speech from Kurtwood Smith in the middle. Kurtwood Smith is a national treasure!

There should have been entire BRANCHES of 90’s hip-hop based on samples of this speech.


Is the Gathering of the Juggalos appropriate for UCB1 correspondent Shannon O’Neill’s son? These Juggalos seem to think the biggest obstacle he’ll face his dehydration, but Shannon has some other concerns.