My name's Matt Fisher. I'm a comedy type in New York City. I believe that a thing not worth doing is not worth doing well.


UCB1 offered shoppers the chance to win millions of dollars. They just had to answer three questions before the end of an escalator ride.


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Obstructed View ep 3!


Episode 3 of Obstructed View is up! This one is about the FOUR different songs recorded by the 1986 Mets organization. FOUR. If you haven’t listened to an ep yet, jump on the bandwagon with this one. Even if you don’t like sports, please take a moment to recognize the pinnacle of human achievement that was the FOUR songs about the 1986 New York Mets. 

About and BY the New York Mets.

Please don’t let our sacrifice here have been in vain.

I believe that Facebook Pages can heal our shattered nation. Like them all to unlock Facebook’s elusive Big Head Mode.

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Pictured above is the world’s largest indoor farm illuminated by LEDs, which opened this month in Japan. Inside, 18 cultivation racks reach 15 levels high, and are outfitted with 17,500 GE LED light fixtures developed specifically for this facility. The indoor farm can grow lettuce two-and-a-half times faster than an outdoor farm, and is already producing 10,000 heads of it per day. Read more about this breakthrough in modern farming at GE Reports.   


Mesmerizing animated sheet music for Miles Davis’s ‘So What’