My name's Matt Fisher. I'm a comedy type in New York City. I believe that a thing not worth doing is not worth doing well.


Installed earlier this month in the Bahamas, “Ocean Atlas" by Jason deCaires Taylor depicts a young Bahamian girl carrying the weight of the seas. It is the largest sculpture ever deployed underwater and is built from special concrete that promotes the growth of coral and marine life in an attempt to draw diving tourists away from more sensitive areas nearby.


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The story Matt Fisher was born to report. Inside strangers’ showers, with UCB1 News.

Today your dream comes true.

Get to Know a Digital Team: UCB1 News


UCB Comedy’s Digital Teams deliver hilarious videos to our YouTube channel every weekday. Today, meet one of them: UCB1 News, our official field news team. We asked them some questions about taking on the news genre, encounters with strangers, and the best stuff that never made it to YouTube.

UCB1 is Moujan Zolfaghari, James Patrick Robinson, Matt Fisher, Bjorn Bellenbaum, Lizzy Bryce, Dan Erickson, Pavel Ezrohi, Keith Haskel, Lauren Kahn, Boris Khaykin, Shannon O’Neill, Sue Smith, Matthew Starr, Phebe Szatmari, Brett White, and Eric Yearwood. Their videos appear on UCB Comedy every Friday.


How did UCB1 develop its own take on the news genre?

Lizzy Bryce: There are already so many fantastic fake news shows, and we wanted to be influenced by them while still maintaining our own tone. By creating our own news, rather than reporting the news, we get to build our own world to play in.

Moujan Zolfaghari: What inspired us was the quirkiness of local news, like how an investigative news piece can be so specific and personal (“the grass is too high in the park and why”), where you can’t help but wonder - whose news is this? Is it for the public or is it for the correspondent? The latter piqued our interest. What if we were unapologetically selfish correspondents/anchors, doing the news we felt was worth watching, and making our news your news and using the beauty of NYC and its people as our playground.  Because damn it, that grass is too high!

Keith Haskel: We can cover any topic as long as our anchors think it’s important. Our narcissistic correspondents fuel their reports with passion and curiosity, even if their facts aren’t straight.  Nothing beats an anchor who’s too ignorant to learn about the story they’re currently reporting on. 

Lizzy Bryce: Basically, we get to bastardize the hard work that real journalists do.

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Whoop whoop.

Keaton generated all this information, and I’d say that he got six questions right and one question EXTREMELY RIGHT.

Keaton generated all this information, and I’d say that he got six questions right and one question EXTREMELY RIGHT.

Our show is wonderful.

Our show is wonderful.